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The Berlin Marathon 2017

24 September 2017 |
Location: Berlin

Distance: Marathon (26.2 miles)

Grading: 4 ?

Registration opening: Sold out! Register your Interest for 2018

Registration fee: £335

Minimum sponsorship: £400

Looking for your marathon personal best?

Then the Berlin Marathon is for you!

It is an amazing event to take on and is famously flat... so perhaps you can reach your personal best with Walk the Walk in 2017! 

A beautiful Marathon route in a wonderful, vibrant urban city steeped in history and stunning landmarks. Power Walking along this fantastic route will take you past the Reichstag, the Berliner Dam and the Team will start and cross the Finish Line at the famous Brandenburg Gate!

You will be cheered on by over 50 fantastic bands and thousands of spectators! This is a truly unforgettable journey! 



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Yes it was fast but that made it even more of a challenge!- Jane Thatcher

Challenge yourself!

This is the ideal Marathon for people looking for that next step up following on from the MoonWalks. There is a time limit of six hours and fifteen minutes, so you have to get your wiggle on, but do not be deterred; the Team at Walk the Walk will be supporting you with advice on how to achieve this speedy goal of 12 - 14 minute miles! With lots of tips, hints and nutritional information, and with a commitment to the training... trust us, it is more than achievable and definitely worth it!


Extract from Maria’s Berlin Marathon

Over half way and I’m counting down. A half marathon, a 10k, a 5k, a school run… By now, I had slowed, but I was still walking strongly. Faster than many runners now who were managing a few steps at a time. The happy sight of the Brandenburg Gate was in front of me. 

Under the arch and there’s the 42km marker with the finish line just beyond. The crowd was cheering, and I waved and punched the air.

I strode purposefully over the line like the green Ampelmann. A triumphant green Ampelmann! A triumphant green Ampelmann in a bra!


This was my first time in Germany and the thing that struck me most was how well organised everything was.- Nina

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