The Berlin Marathon 2019

The Berlin Marathon

29th September 2019 |
Location: Berlin

Distance: Marathon (26.2 miles)

Grading: 4

Registration opening: Entries closed!

Registration fee: Deposit £339  > Find out More!

Minimum sponsorship: £600

Looking to beat your personal best?

Then the Berlin Marathon is for you!

It's an amazing event to take on and with its famously flat route, it's one you could achieve!

26.2 miles around a wonderful, vibrant urban city steeped in history and stunning landmarks. Power Walking this fantastic route will take you past the Reichstag and the Berliner Dam, starting and finishing at the famous Brandenburg Gate!

This is an unforgettable journey from start to finish, where you can truly test yourself and achieve this incredibly speedy goal...

... can you do it? YES you can!

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Yes it was fast but that made it even more of a challenge!- Jane Thatcher

Challenge yourself!

The Berlin Marathon has a time limit of 6 hours 15 minutes, so your aim is to be walking at a pace of 14 minute miles by September 2019.  

This is more than possible with a commitment to training! With Walk the Walk's training techniques and top tips from kit to nutrition, this Marathon and speed are achievable... whether a long distance walker or simply looking to improve your time over your other classic marathons... this one is for you!

Think, Believe, Achieve... trust us... it will be worth it! 

Extract from Kath's Berlin Marathon

Having taken on The New York City Marathon in 2015 the next challenge to do had to be Berlin, we decided that at the time. We had managed just under 6 hours in New York so felt quite happy signing up, that the 6 hours 15 mins time limit would be within our grasp provided we trained hard. 

Click Here to read more on Kath's Berlin Marathon adventure... 

This was my first time in Germany and the thing that struck me most was how well organised everything was.- Nina

Any questions?

If you have any questions about The Berlin Marathon, please get in contact with the Unique Challenges Team.

Part of the 2019 Team?

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