4. Training for the Arctic Challenge

  1. Training for the Arctic
  1. Training for the Arctic

    For this challenge you will be Backcountry Skiing a marathon over 2 days on and off formed trails. This style of skiing is a similar technique to Power Walking but on skis; a kick and glide technique.

    Strong walking muscles, core fitness and upper body strength are key in this challenge... you need to have the ability and power, to get yourself back up and keep moving... everyone will fall at some point, and that's part of the fun! The challenge will take 6 - 8 hours each day. 

    As part of your Package, we provide a detailed 16-week Training Plan and will help with tips and hints on how to get the most out of your body including nutrition, stretching, technique and more throughout bi-weekly Update Emails! We strongly recommend following the training, so you feel confident and able to complete the distance whatever the weather - which can be extreme! You will need mental and physical strength to take this challenge head on, it is a tough challenge - but an incredible one. 

    Can Ski? Backcountry skiing is very different to alpine skiing, using different muscles and strength... you will need to follow the Training Plan closely to reach the necessary core strength and fitness to take on this challenge. 

    Do not ski? Firstly, we have many Walkers complete this challenge who do not ski - it is more than possible! In addition to following the Training Plan and reaching the necessary core strength and fitness, you must pass the ski level 4 (approx 4 lessons). You will cover snow ploughing, stopping, speed control, turning, walking up slopes etc. This is not included in the Challenge cost.

    You will be required to send us a Certificate or a form of written documentation to confirm that you have reached level of 4 for this challenge. 

    If in doubt, please email us for more information, as we have been there and done it. 

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