2. Distance Options

  1. Which will you choose?
  1. Which will you choose?

    This Challenge has a distance for everyone... 

    The 100km and first half 50km challenge distance start at Bishops Park, Fulham... walking over varied terrain, on and off road, from the busy buzz of Fulham through the suburbs and country views of Berkshire following a national pathway along the river Thames... a stunning route! 

    There are 'major' rest stops every 25km and smaller rest stops every 10-15km. At each rest stop you will have lots of support from the organisers, medical staff, toilets, plenty of snacks, water, hot and cold drinks plus hot food will be served at Runnymede (50km) and Henley (100km). You are really well looked after! 

    • 100KM all the way: Starting early on Saturday morning you will make your way to the Finish Line walking through day and night - a tough challenge and will push you to your limits! 
    • 100KM 2 Day: The same incredible challenge as above, however over two days with the added option of resting overnight at Runnymede at 50km. You will need to book a local B&B/Hotel. On Sunday, it is round 2 for you to complete the final 50km and head to the Finish Line.
    • 50KM, First Half: You will start with the rest of the Walk the Walk Team and will finish at Runnymede Pleasure Ground. If you select this route, the Walk the Walk Support Team will be there to cheer you on over the miles and will welcome you in on your Finish Line! (Subject to any restrictions)
    • 50KM, Second Half: This is the second half of the Thames Path Challenge route... starting bright and early from Runnymede Pleasure Park on Sunday 12th September through to the finish line at Henley. This route (on the day) will not be supported by the Walk the Walk Support Team. 
    • 22/28KM: If you are a regular Half Marathon Walker and fancy pushing yourself a little further, then the 22/28km distance options are the one for you... with various locations to start from, there are plenty of choices to fit around your weekend! 

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