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5. Training, Kit List, The Route

  1. Training for London to Brighton
  2. Suggested Kit List
  1. Training for London to Brighton

    How much?

    Your full 16 week training plan will be sent out with your Walker Pack for London 2 Brighton Challenge. 

    The training for this challenge is very intense and time consuming. To give you an idea you will be required to train 6 days a week and we recommend the longest walks you will have to do is a 35 mile walk. The total amount of miles you will have to cover while training is over 580 miles. As well as getting lots of miles under your belt, the guide includes lots of back to back walking to get your body used to these types of distances. We also recommend to include other types of exercise to get your overall fitness to a new level.

    Remember, 60% of the London 2 Brighton Challenge route is off road, following footpaths, trails and bridleways, so mix up your routes and distances. Make sure you also train in all weathers, to check not only your kit is waterproof but to also experience walking through muddy and mixed terrain underfoot.

    Having entered a 5 footprint challenge, you should be able to manage the distances on the plans comfortably, however if you do not feel ready to start this programme, begin by following Plan A, and then aim to increase the pace just a little each time you walk. When you feel ready, slowly increase the distance and complete the process again until you are able pick up on the training plan.

    To complete the 100km or 56km Challenge throughout your Training you should be aiming for 14 - 15 minute miles to ensure that your level of fitness and walking pace and strength is at a peak level to take on this tough Challenge. By aiming for this pace you should be able to complete the 100km in approximately 18 – 28 hours and the 56km is 9 - 12 hours. This takes into account that the London 2 Brighton Challenge is not all on roadways and also covers rough ground and terrain, and this also takes into account your breaks and rest points, which are really important on this type of challenge.

    Our Training Plan will really help you complete this challenge. If you need any tips or advice to complete these distances, we have Walk the Walk staff who have completed these type of distances and can offer you tips, just give us a call.

    Plan Afor those new to endurance Walking/intermediate level 

    You should be able to walk 3 miles at a constant pace of 18 – 20 minute miles, by following the first few weeks of the Training Plan below, you will have a great fitness base for the start of your training for the challenge ahead.


    Plot a few different walks so that you have variety to pick routes that suit how you feel and keep you motivated!

    Please remember the talk test... you should always feel your heart rate increase, but still be able to have a conversation with your walking pal. If this feels uncomfortable please stop and consult your doctor.

    Plan B – for those at a more advanced/experienced level 

    You should be able to walk 4 miles at a constant pace of 15 – 18  minute miles, by following the first few weeks of the Training Plan below, you will have a great fitness base for the start of your training for the challenge ahead.


  2. Suggested Kit List

    Action Challenge suggested London 2 Brighton Challenge Kit List

    This is from the London 2 Brighton Challenge (Action Challenge) website

    1. Gortex hiking boots or trail shoes – water repellent and fully broken in
    2. 2 pairs medium/heavyweight walking socks
    3. Platypus/Camelback/Water bottles 2L
    4. Head torch with spare batteries
    5. Gortex style jacket with hood
    6. Light trekking trousers and/or shorts
    7. Waterproof trekking trousers
    8. Micro fleece top for layering
    9. Trekking t-shirts/base layer/breathable or wicking top
    10. 1 x pair of waterproof gloves
    11. Warm hat
    12. A bandana/buff or scarf (for warmth and sun protection)
    13. Peaked/wide brimmed hat (for sun protection)
    14. Credit or debit card/cash
    15. Mobile Phone (and additional charge) 
    16. Personal First Aid Kit

    London 2 Brighton Challenge Essential Equipment

    1. Sunglasses with 100% UV Protection
    2. Lip Balm
    3. Sun Screen
    4. Wet wipes/Toilet Roll & Bag for used paper
    5. Hand Sanitizer
    6. Blister Kit (including Compeed, plaster and antiseptic cream)
    7. Rehydration sachets
    8. Pain Killers


    You will need to bring a rucksack on the Challenge and should be no bigger than 30-35L max. This is to keep all your kit dry throughout the event and carry the essentails; you will be expected to carry this with you during the challenge, so we recommend training with a rucksack from the beginning.

    There will be a bag transfer service available to Walkers, at an additional cost, to transport another piece of baggage to the finish line. It is your responsibility to collect your bag from the finish line, so please prepare for this on the off chance you are not able to complete this challenge. Failure to collect your bag from the finish line will result in it being transported back to the Action Challenge warehouse, from where it will be posted back to you at a later date; you will be charged for the cost of the courier, as well as an additional administration charge of approximately £25.

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The Challenge is a physical and mental battle helped by the great support!