Camino Santiago Finisterre 2020

Camino Santiago Finisterre

30th September - 5th October 2020 |
Location: Camino, Spain

Distance: Trek (75 miles)

Grading: 5

Registration opening: Entries open!

Registration fee: Deposit £370

Minimum sponsorship: £750

Walk the Camino Santiago to Finisterre - the edge of the World

This less travelled path from Santiago to Finisterre whilst, not as long as the traditional Camino Trail which finishes in Santiago, every step is a magical adventure to experience. With rich history, energy and mysticism, astounding peace and the spectacular sunsets all making this a special pilgrimage trail like no other.

Long before the middle ages, Finisterre was thought to be the most western part of continental Europe, the end of the 'known world', and is the place where Columbus set sail and the Americas were discovered, history was changed forever! The mystical spirit of those early times, along with the tale of St James, remains as vivid today as it was then.  

A great value trip as so much is included... just lunches and flights to cover.

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is one of the best things I have ever done, looking forward to the next challenge!- Jill S

Embrace the Camino journey

Walk the Walk will take you on this stunning and challenging journey of 75 miles in 3 days, across an ever changing terrain on this less travelled trail. Staying in the comfort of hotels with ensuite facilities and having your bags transported each day, may sound the easy option, but completing this distance in the time permitted will test your endurance and commitment. What better place to show your support this Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Whilst Finisterre is a wonderful place to complete a pilgrimage, if this is your first one, it could also be a wonderful place for the beginning of many more!

Buen Camino!  

The Route

Only 8% of pilgrims do this route of the Camino Trail, so although a quieter journey, this is just as incredible and fascinating as our Camino 100 Challenge. Starting from the bustling city of Santiago, the end of the trail for many pilgrims, our Team will 'Journey to the Edge of the World' to Finisterre. You will take the trail through many tiny hamlets and villages on to the beautiful fishing village of Muxia. Here you will see stunning scenery of the wide open sea crashing on the rocks, mixed with tiny alpine flowers growing wild against rock piles created by pilgrims. From here, we venture on to our final destination of Finisterre and the Lighthouse.  

Is this the Challenge for me?

Due to the terrain, combined with the distances, and the variability of weather, it is most certainly a challenge that requires preparation and a high commitment to the training plan is essential.

This is a tough, but incredible challenge... a must for all Walkers... 75 miles over 3 days on a stunning route.  

This has been given a 4 out of 5 footprint scale based on the endurance and stamina required and maintained over the 3 days for this challenge.   

I loved everything about this challenge... so much support and encouragement!- Jill E

Can we help?

This is an amazing, endurance challenge with lots of beautiful scenery and people along the way. Although not as busy as the 'normal' Camino Trail - this is just as impressive, it is certainly a personal experience like no other and one you will never forget!

With very limited spaces, join our Walk the Walk Team today! If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Unique Challenges Team

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