Turn fundraising for your charity marathon into a game!

Put fun into FUNdraising and engage your friends in a game whilst asking for that all-important sponsorship. The opportunities are endless...

“Adults are just outdated children.” - Dr Seuss
…and as such, they (still) love to play!

Make sure you put fun into FUNdraising and engage your friends in a game whilst asking for that all-important sponsorship. The opportunities are endless but we collected a few ideas for you below to get you started...

1. Sponsor a ribbon for my decorated bra

Your friends or relatives don’t need to walk a marathon for someone, you can do that for them! All they need to do is to sponsor a ribbon and tell you the name of the person for whom they would like you to walk. It is a win-win really. You have your sponsorship and also the decorations for your bra!

2. Sponsor a song for my playlist for the marathon

The clue is in the name! Your supporters have the chance to be very kind or very, very mean to you... all for good fun and sponsorship! Plus, it will be a fabulous distraction for you during your marathon as you will have no idea what will come up next on your playlist!

3. Sponsor a mile or metre

Similar idea to the “sponsor a ribbon”, except this time they are sponsoring an actual mile of your marathon. Your friends and relatives can be happy in the thought that you will walk a whole mile thinking about their special person. This could make your challenge even more poignant!

4. Guess my finishing time

Bring out your friends’ competitive spirits – ask them to guess the time in which you are going to complete your marathon for a donation. The one who is closest could win a bottle of bubbly.

Fizz above from The Gallabel Girl's Disney Fundraising Extravaganza blog!

5. Approaching a fundraising milestone...

... another opportunity to post your fundraising page on social media. Challenge your friends – who will be the one pushing you over that milestone? There are a lot of people out there who will rather sponsor you than see that you are hovering just under that round number!

Hope we managed to get your creative juices flowing… Let us know your ideas on how to get the most out of your fundraising and how to get your friends excited about it!

If you are still unsure about being able to reach the needed fundraising, need further advice or just want to chat through your ideas with someone, just call the fundraising team on 01483 741430, or drop us an email... we would love to hear from you.

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