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Training Partners - All You Need To Know

If you want to find someone in your local area to Walk with then Training Partners is the place for you

So, What Is Training Partners?

Training Partners is a free service that we offer to all our Walkers. Whether you are Walking by yourself, or as part of a team, if you want to find someone in your local area to Walk with then Training Partners is the place for you.

Training Partners provides you with a platform to create a personal listing which says a bit about you and your Walking experience. This gives like minded Walkers the ability to see your advert and message you through your account area. You can also use our “Find a Training Partner” search option to look for other Walkers’ adverts within a 50-mile radius.

Can I Sign Up?

As long as you have a UK postcode and are enrolled in, or have taken part in a Walk the Walk event, you can log in to your account and sign up to use the Training Partners service.

How Do I Create An Advert?

To be able to use our Training Partners service you will need to be signed up to take part in one of our Walk the Walk challenges, or have signed up in the past. Then all you have to do to create an advert is log in to your Walk the Walk account and go to “Find a Training Partner”.
From there you have the following 3 options ;
1. “Dashboard”. This is where your messages will appear when you start talking to another Walker.
2. “Find a Training Partner”. From here you can search your local area for adverts from other Walkers within (up to) a 50-mile radius of your desired postcode.
3. “Create Listing”. This is where you can create or update your advert with some information about you and your Walking experience.
Once you create an advert, it will need to be approved by someone at Walk the Walk HQ which should usually only take 1-2 working days. Once it has been approved, people in your local area will then be able to find it.

Who Can See My Advert?

The service is only available to Walk the Walkers that have signed up to take part in one of our events. However, we suggest you avoid putting any personal contact information on there, as you can message potential Walking buddies through your account area and exchange details privately later. 

What If I Can’t Find Anyone Around My Postcode?

Make sure you increase the search radius up to 50 miles! This may seem like quite a distance, but if both of you travelled and met in the middle, it would only be 25 miles... not so far by car or train!

Create an advert of your own, just because there are no adverts in your area, doesn’t mean there aren’t any Walkers. Some people will check the site and just message those who have signed up, without creating their own listing.

Do you use social media? If you still can’t find anyone, why not do a shout out on our Walk the Walk Facebook page, someone just might be in the same boat as you.

Still nothing? Luckily Walk the Walk are just one big happy family, so even if you do end up training by yourself, it is easy to get talking to people at the events, and you are never alone!

My Account Won’t Let Me Use Training Partners?

What if you are signed up to a Walk the Walk event but your account area won’t let you access the Training Partners service? It’s possible that if a team mate signed you up to take part your account area may not be linked to your event entry.  If this is the case, please just get in touch via [email protected] and we will resend your “claim your place” email. Where you can link the two together.

Sign Up Now!

Training Partners is a fantastic way to meet fellow Walk the Walkers near you... and some true friendships have come about through the service.  Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our Walkers have to say below!

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done... I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first – it was a bit like going on a ‘blind date’ lol! But I’ve met 3 of the loveliest people.” Paula 

Claire, Carol and Sandya say “I’m sure we will be life-long friends... THANK YOU Walk the Walk!”

The 'Two Nessies' -  Vanessa McNair and Vanessa Phipps -  found each other via our Training Partners service "we have so much in common and only live 4 miles apart".

P.S.  If you haven’t already, sign up now and Walk the Walk with us this year! 



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