Training for your breast cancer charity walk...

Training for one of Walk the Walk's breast cancer charity walks can be difficult but we have lots of hints and tips to help you with any training issues!

With training firmly underway… whatever the challenge or whatever the distance… we want to talk about one of the most important aspects of training – looking after your body! This blog post will help you take some steps (literally!) towards ensuring that you look after yourself whilst you train. 

Training With Walk the Walk...

For some of you, taking on a Walk the Walk challenge may be the first serious bit of constant exercise that you have done in quite some time, for others this may be 2nd, 3rd, 10th or even 20th challenge! But be careful that you don’t become complacent with your training! As the miles go by you may start to experience the odd niggle or two…

The thing to remember is that Power Walking by itself is not dangerous and it will not promote new conditions or issues… however… walking the X amount of miles needed to properly train for and complete your challenge, may exacerbate underlying conditions.

Before We Start…

An important point to note is that, whilst Walk the Walk has lots of experience in helping Walkers cross the Finish Line… we are not Doctors! If you have a condition that you are worried about then please consult with a professional. The comments below are advice only!

“My fingers swell up like balloons after several miles – help!”

Answer: keep your hands up and use them to propel yourself along. Not only will this prevent the swelling but it will also help you move faster. Would you run without using your arms? In addition, make sure your hands are jewellery free – or wear as minimal jewellery as possible.
To find out more about your fingers swelling during Power Walking click here!

Problem Feet…

Blisters – everyone’s favourite(!)

The type of blister that usually concerns walkers is a friction blister where intense rubbing over a period of time will cause the skin layers to shear away from each other. Blisters tend to appear on skin that is tough, rough and moist.
No matter what, some are always affected by blisters and we all share your (temporary!) pain!
To read all our prevention and treatment tips for an issue we all know a bit too well, take a look here!

Neck, lower back, knee shin and well… just everywhere aches…!

It’s worth repeating: some of you may have underlying issues that will be exacerbated over the training period. But this is a training period and not the challenge itself. You need to train and iron out any kinks now so that “x” hours you spend walking at the challenge are achievable.

It’s commonly spoken about… we have terrible posture… and don’t exercise enough. Too much PC work, slouching in front of the TV or just laziness all contribute to us not keeping ourselves upright and working our core muscles…
In fact… as you are sitting there now… breathe in… and straighten up!

In turn, this poor posture starts to put pressure on all the jointed areas of our body as it tries to compensate. Normally we may notice or we may have a grumble about a stiff neck or bad back… however… start Power Walking and these issues become more than a grumble. So what can be done… take a read of our blog post all about being body aware here! 

“It’s all going wrong”

So you’ve been training and something has happened… you’ve pulled a muscle… you have plantar fasciitis… you’ve caught a bug… all of the above and everything else… argh!

First of all… breathe and relax… we know it’s tough but you’re doing so well! You need to focus and re-group… there is still time and even if there appears to be none then sheer bloody-minded determination will get you there!

You can probably still stretch… you can probably still look after your feet… you can probably still start visualising crossing that Finish Line… and most importantly you can probably keep Fundraising! Seems like there is still quite a lot you can do to complete your challenge… don’t lose faith… YOU’VE GOT THIS!... continue reading more here 

Training is important but it is not the only part of the process and dealing with injuries that happen is just part of the journey. That moment you cross that line… it will all be forgotten… and oh so worth it!

And remember, whilst Walk the Walk has lots of experience in helping Walkers cross the Finish Line… we are not Doctors! Make sure you speak with a professional if you have a condition that you are worried about! 

We hope that this has helped point you in the right direction! If you need any more help or have any questions email or call us on 01483 741430… and we will do our best to help! 

But remember… listen to your body and take care of yourself!

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