Sylvie’s incredible 75-mile Camino Journey to the Edge of the World

You’ll experience beautiful, breath-taking scenes, which make you forget your own steps

Sylvie (centre) with her Pink Rosé teammates Mouna and Veronique

Svlvie was part of our amazing team,  walking 75 miles in three days from Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre on the Spanish coast. Here’s her story:-

The Camino Journey to the Edge of the World challenge was an enlightening experience, an inner journey culminating at the Finisterre lighthouse. It left me with profound feelings of gratefulness and fulfilment, after having walked 75 miles in just three days, to honour those who are in the fight for their lives and to remember those we have lost.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into (and by association my two friends Mouna and Véronique) when in January 2023 as part of my New Year Resolutions, I surfed the Walk the Walk website, searching for a cause to give back, following my own diagnosis with breast cancer.

The Camino Journey to the Edge of the World challenge immediately caught my eye, as it was uniquely combining the opportunity to walk and raise money for breast cancer with the fabulous experience of walking on the famous Camino trail, a path imbued with the spirit of pilgrims. I immediately signed up.

For the past five years, I have become more and more motivated and driven to walk. Walking 75 miles in three days is hard, but not as hard as getting bad news at your scan, going through treatment and/or accompanying a friend through their journey. It could be you, your sisters, your mother, your daughters, your friends, your neighbours.

As it turned out, it was me who was diagnosed with breast cancer and I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I have been. I will keep walking and raising money to help fight breast cancer with more effective treatment. I also want to increase awareness about the importance of regular checks and to contribute to helping women get more support in their communities, in their family, as well more caring and empathetic medical support.

During Walk the Walk’s Camino to the Edge of the World challenge you’ll experience beautiful, breath-taking scenes which make you forget your own steps. From dawn to sunset, it feels like a parade of landscapes, which have been swept away by so many pilgrims that one can only feel plenitude. As you walk, you meet new faces, you get to know and enjoy the members of the group, because every single step has a story, even when you walk in silence.

To enjoy the Camino to the Edge of the World challenge, training is ABSOLUTELY critical. With my team, The Pink Rosé (Veronique and Mouna), we started training seriously in June and very regularly during the summer. We steadily increased the weekly distances and challenged ourselves to a full 30-mile walk, two weeks before the event. Besides the critical role of the training, the one thing I uncovered during the Camino is the importance of preventative “ taping” of any feet areas, at the very moment it starts bothering you. This was a great tip from our lovely Spanish Guide, Alphonso.

Raising money for others who are fighting breast cancer is a passion of mine. I am very blessed to have many caring and generous individuals within my life. I have found personalized emails very successful, although you shouldn’t shy away from sending reminders, as emails often get missed! Additionally, I started creating artworks using recycled cosmetic products and I sell them to help benefit of breast cancer organisations like Walk the Walk - some people are more receptive to such an approach, rather than just donating to the cause. I started fundraising very early for this challenge, which has helped me to slowly increase funds over time. All donations, small or big, have been meaningful to me and have kept me motivated for my mission.

This was a terrific experience, which only got me more motivated to keep spreading the word. I would like to thank Walk the Walk for giving me the opportunity to take on this the challenge and send a big hug to the lovely team who walked with me to the Edge of the World!”

Thank you for sharing your story Sylvie! 

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