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Spring is in the air... time to fundraise for your charity marathon

Make raising money and awareness for breast cancer charity Walk the Walk fun and check out our Spring fundraising ideas!

Spring is in the air... it’s the season for fresh starts and new beginnings so let’s so have a look at our new ways to help you fundraise!

Take a look at our fresh spring fundraising ideas below for some inspiration:

Car Wash
In the words of the well-known song... "You might not ever get rich"... but you could raise some money working at the car wash! Offer to wash colleagues’, friends’ and family members’ cars in return for a suggested donation... wear your bra T-Shirt or if the spring sun is shining, your decorated bra! How could they refuse!?

Dog Walking
Offer your services to your dog loving friends and neighbours then head on out for Walkies! The perfect way to raise money and increase training miles at the same time

Cake Sale
Everyone loves cake! So why not get into the spirit of spring and bake some yummy cakes. You could even ask a few people to help you bake some yummy delights and sell them at work, at school or amongst your friends, family and neighbours. This is a wonderfully yummy way to boost your fundraising and everyone loves cake so it’s a win-win.

Spring Clean
Feather dusters at the ready! Offer to help your neighbours, friends and family get their houses ship shape this spring, in exchange for a donation of course! YES... some people DO love to clean!

Car Boot Sale / Jumble Sale / eBay
Sell unwanted stuff... After you had that big spring clean you can gather all those unused gifts, clothes, toys, books, DVDs... it’s a great way to de-clutter your house and boost your fundraising total!

Teddy Bears’ Picnic
A really lovely fundraiser if you have children! Organise a picnic in the park for families, ask the children to bring their favourite teddy bear and ask for a donation (from the grown-ups) to come and join in the fun!

Race Night
Bring the glitz and glamour of a ‘day at the races’ right to your doorstep you could charge a small donation entrance fee. A race night is great fun and simple to put together... you will need a race DVD, projector or TV screen, race cards, tickets and of course, the all-important race goers! Everyone can dress up and have a glass of bubbly, make bets and all the winnings could go into the donation pot. Have fun at the races whilst raising money.

Spring Fair
You will need the use of a school, village or church hall, some exhibitors and will need to do some advertising in the lead up to the event. Charge exhibitors £15 and a donation from everyone else. Approach a variety of exhibitors selling cupcakes, chocolates, jewellery, photography, craft, gifts, greetings cards, cosmetics... the list goes on! One of our Walkers raised an incredible £600 from this alone!

If you have a fundraising event or activity planned, take a look at our extra bits and pieces to help you... if we can help in any way, please do get in touch!

Raise money, Raise awareness, Get fit and Have the best fun Walking the Walk!



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