Mary and Dan take on The MoonWalk Iceland as Husband and Wife

Both Dan and I would say “It’s a once in a lifetime experience that we would recommend to anyone and everyone.”

I first walked The MoonWalk Iceland in 2012 and it was then that I decided that one day I really wanted to do The 3 Land Challenge for Walk the Walk. This involves walking a marathon in London, Scotland and Iceland - three very different experiences within just 5 weeks... all whilst raising money and breast cancer awareness!

I’ve done several other Walk the Walk events before too so I knew a little of what to expect.

It’s my 50th birthday in December this year so I really wanted to do something special to commemorate it! I especially wanted my husband, Dan, to join me.

Our boys are both grown up now so it was lovely to be able to go out training with Dan – not a phone in sight – or any other distractions for that matter. We hadn’t done anything like this together before and I honestly think it has brought us closer together. We’re are now thinking that perhaps we might do Peru for Walk the Walk one day…

I hurt my foot a little when I was in London but we both managed to carry on training before we went to Iceland only a week after completing The MoonWalk Scotland.

There are a few activities that are included as part of the package when you fly out to Iceland…we loved the whale watching and climbing up the volcano and it was great to get to know the others joining us on the challenge this year. Even the lady who was our guide on our coach told us about her own experience with breast cancer – we were all in tears after listening to her - and it was very humbling to hear other peoples experiences.

Dan palled up with another chap on our challenge and it’s funny how you can go out on a MoonWalk knowing no one and by the time you come home you're all pals.

The actual experience of walking around Lake Myvatn at night was amazing. They call it the Land of the Midnight Sun because even though the sun goes down, it doesn’t get dark…it’s something you have to experience to believe.

Dan and I just loved it and it was definitely a special time for us both.

Before we went home, we went horse riding which was another new experience for me. I’ve never been on a horse before and I really enjoyed it.

The beauty and calmness of Iceland will stay with us for a long time and both Dan and I would say...

“It’s a once in a lifetime experience that we would recommend to anyone and everyone.”

If you would like to enjoy this 'once in a lifetime experience' for yourself, Register your Interest for The MoonWalk Iceland 2020 here! Or to take on Walk the Walk's Three Land Challenge Register your Interest here


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