Karen and Katie's Three Land Challenge

I really was a sobbing mess but a happy sobber!!

In 2012 I took part with my friend in The MoonWalk London. We had a great night and such good fun that I knew I wanted to do more. I decided that if I was going to do it again, that it would be The Three Land Challenge and raise as much money as I possibly could.

Before registering I asked my daughter Katie if she would like to do the challenge with me. She didn't hesitate and said “yes” straight away. You see 2016 was a special year to do this as it had been ten years since I'd beaten breast cancer but twenty five years since my Mum sadly lost her battle with breast cancer. This year seemed even more important for me to celebrate life, Walking this challenge together with my wonderful daughter and raising as much money as we possibly could for such a brilliant charity, that really does support so many breast cancer charities and causes. We registered nice and early to make sure we got a place and then settled into the training.

We sorted out our trainers and socks (really important to have the right socks). There were regular emails from the Unique Challenges Team with all sorts of helpful tips on training and walk wear. I combined the training with Yoga which really helped me to keep supple and injury free. It really is beneficial to stretch to help avoid unnecessary aches and pains. As the training guide progressed to Walking more and more miles, I found that listening not only to music as I walked but also podcasts of Desert Island Discs helped the miles pass by quite quickly. 


The first Walk and how exciting!! There was a lovely buzz about London. Katie was really excited as this was her first MoonWalk experience and it was new to me also starting from Clapham Common as in 2012 we started from Hyde Park. It was a great route, lots to see and watching the sunrises over the bridges of London was amazing. Lots of support from passers-by and a completely buzzing time. Our friends and family were around the route to support us and we had a thoroughly wonderful night. As we crossed the Finish Line, Katie and I were both overwhelmed by emotion and as we were greeted by the wonderful Kate from WTW we sobbed on her shoulders as she hugged us!!



Amazing city - smaller but a more intimate city than London. The locals were so friendly and out in the suburbs there were offers of tea and biscuits and there were tables laid out with refreshments in people's front gardens. So kind and thoughtful. We loved Edinburgh and starting off the Walk by Walking around Arthur's Seat was like Walking through a fairy wonderland. There were pretty lights in the trees and bushes and a MoonWalk sign lit up in the hillside. It was so magical!! Tears again when we crossed the Finish Line but a bit more composed this time when Kate greeted us so her shoulders weren't so damp!!


What can I say about Iceland?! We thought London and Edinburgh were brilliant but Iceland was off the scale. So many, many special memories of Iceland. Everything was so well planned and organised. The trips were amazing! Starting off with the nature baths in between our flights which were really relaxing and surreal almost. The next day was whale watching and we started off by seeing a few cute puffins but wow then we saw a blue whale!! Incredible!! What an experience. There were so many humpback whales feeding and a row of dolphins. It was as if they were putting on a special show just for us. We walked up and down a volcano, stood right next to the largest waterfall in Europe and the whole time we had a wonderful guide telling us so much about the magical country of Iceland. Amazing trips but now the whole reason why we were there. The MoonWalk Iceland.

There was a pasta party beforehand with the wonderful inspirational Nina giving a lovely talk and then watching a film to remind us all why we were walking 78.6 miles in total. My respect and admiration for Nina and her brilliant team is immense. They all do such a fantastic job.

The MoonWalk Iceland is so special and different to the other two MoonWalks. The support vehicles are brilliant and they come round making sure that you're ok and asking if you need anything. The mobile disco - which is Guy driving round in his car with his windows wound down playing wonderful uplifting music was a real boost. Katie and I used to look forward to him coming past and boogying on down. Our favourite was "Don't stop us now, we're having such a good time" by Queen. You can really get carried away with the air guitar while Walking!

As we crossed the Finish Line we were met by Nina with a big hug and of course our lovely Kate again. I really was a sobbing mess but a happy sobber!!

This really was an achievement and something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

My advice to you if you're reading this blog and considering doing The Three Land Challenge is DO IT!! You won't regret it. You'll have an amazing time, meet new friends and it really will put into perspective what really matters in this life. Which is to live life to the full and gather as many amazing memories as you can along the way. Enjoy!!!

Karen xxx




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