Get your breast cancer charity fundraising page to work for you!

Make it count, keep everyone updated on your training, fundraising events you’re holding or even just how you're feeling about your breast cancer charity walk

You’ve uploaded a photo – check!You’ve told your story – check!You’ve shared it once and asked for sponsorship – check!Now get blogging! Like, share and insta… spread the word.

Three easy steps to making sure your Everyday Hero fundraising page gets out there, make the page do the work for you! By Blog, we mean post about your MoonWalk Journey.

1. Take photos...

You may hear it all the time but it really works, if people can see who you are and what you’re doing they are more likely to sponsor you. By posting pictures you'll make your page more personal, and as a result, can almost triple the donations you receive!

Of course, taking photos of that spectacular view or your new pair of trainers all adds to the story too.  So go on take the picture, make the memories, it’s all about the picture!

2. Tell your sponsors what you're up to... 

Now, you've probably already told them what challenge you're doing and why you're doing it but keep your sponsors up to date with your training or any fundraising events. It all adds to the journey and engages your friends and family.

Add comments to your training walk photos... was it tough, did you get wet, did you get chased by a sheep? Sharing your experiences makes people feel part of your adventure. 

3. Keep sponsors updated... 

Maybe a friend or family member can’t join you on the MoonWalk; sharing your story will give them a chance to be with you every step of your journey. So make it count, keep everyone updated on your latest training walk or fundraising event you’re holding or even just how you're feeling about the MoonWalk itself.

4. Lastly hit the share button!

Get sharing and let everyone you know see what an amazing challenge you are about to take on! Go to your page and click the big blue 'Give Now' button to share your page on Facebook, Instagram or emails…  and every time you update your post share again! That could be every week or fortnight.

For a step by step guide to maximising your page click here.

So take those selfies!!
Get the word out about your training
Share, share, share!

If you would like some support to make the most of your Fundraising Event, please get in touch with our Fundraising Team, they're happy to help.

Jan, Polla and Claire
[email protected]



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