2020 Autumn Fundraising Ideas

Make raising money for Walk the Walk fun by doing something you love this autumn!

Autumn is here and with it comes thoughts of colourful leaves and crisp Autumn walks. With COVID still sadly limiting events, check out our safe fundraising activities and watch that fundraising take off!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
Let’s all come together to spread the word this October and continue to make a difference. For more information on breast health, supporting Walk the Walk and how you can make a difference this Breast Cancer Awareness Month take a look here… together, we can create a healthy future!

Leaf Clearing
Ask friends, family and neighbours if they need their gardens and pathways cleared of autumn leaves... in return for a donation to your fundraising, of course!

Online performance

Are you a budding musician/singer/magician/actor?  Put together a short show of you doing your thing and then invite your friends and family to join you by Zoom.  Ask them to show their appreciation by sponsoring you!

Are you like Jamie Oliver?

If you are a wizz in the kitchen or have a signature dish that you are known for, invite your friends to attend your ‘Virtual Cookery lesson’ via Zoom.  Great fun and everyone has something to show for it in the end!  Who wouldn’t want to make a donation to your page for that?

Got a birthday coming up?

Why not ask for donations to your fundraising page instead of gifts!  Beats getting yet another scented candle or pair of socks and makes life easier for your friends and family. Win win!

Is Mary Berry your hero?

You can’t beat a homemade Christmas cake and Autumn is the time to make them.  Promote your creations via local websites and facebook, take orders and get cracking in the kitchen!  Happy Christmas everyone!

Ditch the alcohol/chocolate for a month!

This is hard to do, so get your friends and family to sponsor your denial! Another win win – a healthier you and lots of lovely fundraising!

Zoom Quiz

With many hobby clubs still unable to meet, this old favourite will be a good pastime and money spinner for people unable to get out and about as the nights draw in. Put together a quiz (lots of questions can be found via Google), and charge a donation to your fundraising page for taking part!

Are you crafty?

If you are creative, you can make bracelets and earrings, stuffed toys and animals, cushions, Christmas decorations, whatever takes your fancy, and sell them via Facebook or Facebook Marketplace. A double whammy, having fun and raising money!

And don’t forget… we’d love to hear all about your unique Fundraising ideas so we can help inspire others! Share your Fundraising events and activities on WTW’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, comment below or email the Fundraising Team directly.

Raise money, Raise awareness, Get fit and Have the best fun Walking the Walk!


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