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The MoonWalk Iceland 2019 Experience

What an inspirational night we have had at charity marathon, The MoonWalk Iceland. Walkers coming together to raise money and awareness for breast cancer

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What happened when The MoonWalk Scotland 'Circus' came to town!

We're remembering what a truly inspirational night The MoonWalk Scotland was as thousands of men and women came together to unite against breast cancer.

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A few words from our London MoonWalkers

The MoonWalk London 2019 charity marathon was a night to remember... hear from some amazing Walkers and why they raise money & awareness for breast cancer

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Pat's Walk1000 miles challenge continued!

As charity partner for Country Walking Magazine's #walk1000miles in 2019 challenge, we catch up with Walker Pat as she prepares for The MoonWalk London!

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Edinburgh supports The MoonWalk Scotland

Edinburgh will be showing its support to all our wonderful MoonWalkers and Volunteers, as charity walk, The MoonWalk Scotland 'Circus' comes to town!

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The MoonWalk London 2019, what a night!

We're remembering what a truly amazing night we had at the MoonWalk London as thousands of men and women came together to fight breast cancer!

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Alison and her 'MoonWalk Mascots' take on The MoonWalk Scotland

I would encourage people to get together with friends and sign up for The MoonWalk Scotland! It will benefit your health and help others at the same time.

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Ellie goes 'Over the Moon' at The MoonWalk Scotland

Ellie is preparing for a double-marathon as she takes on ‘Over the Moon’, 10 years since her mum's all-clear after a 2-year battle with breast cancer

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Julia Walks the Walk at The MoonWalk London 2019

Having lost friends to breast cancer, and a scare herself, Julia tells charity Walk the Walk why she and her daughter return for 11th The MoonWalk London!

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Becki shares her experience of charity walk The MoonWalk London

Moonwalk is so much more than just a walk. It’s good for the soul and for that brief, brilliant shiny night reminds you that there are more good people than bad.

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