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The MoonWalk stars across Scotland!

The MoonWalk stars across Scotland!

From the small screen to making a big splash across the papers, The MoonWalk Scotland featured all across the country!

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Gail shares what it's like to be a MoonWalk Volunteer

"If by giving up one or two nights sleep a year, I can help others raise funds for Walk the Walk, then it’s worth it."

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The MoonWalk London Light up Pink

A massive thank you to all the buildings and landmarks for uniting with Walk the Walk against breast cancer.

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Find out why Michelle started Volunteering

Since that night I have volunteered twice more. I get a massive buzz doing it and I feel like I am actually doing something to help.

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Good Reasons to Volunteer

Our Walkers know how important volunteers are and sometimes it’s not possible to say thank you at the time.

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We would miss you when you’re gone…

So, do it now, it's easy… Just say YES!

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Remembering Why - Volunteering

I love seeing my Walk the Walk friends, many for the first time since last year (I loved it before you lot were my friends so you’re all a bonus!)

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A cocktail of fun for this Student Volunteer Week

Want to do something fun and crazy this Student Volunteer Week?... Sign up now to Volunteer at a MoonWalk in London or Edinburgh!

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The MoonWalk London, The MoonWalk Scotland and More

It's October, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month... nobody can do everything… but everybody can do something!

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Six men who have all had breast cancer are telling their incredible stories this morning as a new survey shows more than half of men have never checked themselves for symptoms of breast cancer #MenGetBreastCancerToo! #BCAM

Men Get Breast Cancer Too!

"I would encourage all men to check themselves regularly and if they have any concern at all, they should go to see their GP. People shouldn’t be afraid to visit their GP – there is no such thing as a wasted appointment, it could potentially save their life.”

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Fundraising Reaches £7 Million

2017 Fundraising Now Over £7 Million!

A huge THANK YOU to all our wonderful Walkers, Volunteers and Supporters!

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