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Get Inspired with charity marathon Winter Fundraising Ideas!

Raise money for breast cancer charity Walk the Walk by doing something you love... or that's good for you... as you prepare for your charity marathon!

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Make 2020 your year and join Walk the Walk for it's best year yet

Make your New Year resolution with Walk the Walk... raise money and awareness for breast cancer in 2020. NYC Marathon, MoonWalk London, MoonWalk Scotland, MoonWalk Iceland and more!

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Get your fundraising growing for you

Whatever your talent, the best way to increase your fundraising is by offering something in return, everyone likes to get a little something for their money

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Walk the Walker Gynette shares fundraising tips and experience

I have learnt that sometimes I have to get out of my comfort zone to raise the funds and I have also learnt to ask for help... Don't be afraid to try something different

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Fundraising top tip, organise a collection

Collecting money outside a supermarket can be an easy way to boost your fundraising...

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How Helen overcame fundraising fatigue for charity Walk the Walk

Raffles at work did well for me as it was much easier to get people to be generous with the odd £1 or £2 rather than them pledging a sponsorship

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Fundraising stopping you from your next Walk the Walk challenge?

Fundraising is easier to achieve than you think! All it needs is a little bit of planning… so, grab a cuppa and read on for successful fundraisers’ ideas…

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Turn fundraising for your charity marathon into a game!

Put fun into FUNdraising and engage your friends in a game whilst asking for that all-important sponsorship. The opportunities are endless...

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Fundraising Ideas for Winter

Put the 'fun' into Fundraising this Festive season... raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes!

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Pat's final stretch of her Walk1000 miles challenge in 2019

This charity has given me more than I could ever hope for – a great support team at all events, but I have some amazing friends that I have met through the charity who keep me going.

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