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Remembering Why - Volunteering

I love seeing my Walk the Walk friends, many for the first time since last year (I loved it before you lot were my friends so you’re all a bonus!)

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The MoonWalk London, The MoonWalk Scotland and More

It's October, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month... nobody can do everything… but everybody can do something!

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Susan Walks The MoonWalk Iceland Twice

Give it a go, don’t have regrets. You will not be alone for long and you will become a member of the Walk the Walk family. I hope you find it a life changing experience.

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Your fundraising making its way to us at Walk the Walk HQ

Some of you have been in touch to ask how best to get your fundraising to us, read on for all you need to know!

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The MoonWalk London grabbing the headlines

MoonWalkers have created a flutter in their local papers up and down the country... bras and pink have certainly been taking over the North, South, East and West.

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Relive The MoonWalk Magic

Throw a party... whether it’s a cosy coffee morning, a sparkling Prosecco evening or good old fashioned beer and skittles...

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The MoonWalk London and feathers

but there is one small footnote that I just had to share… if you were wondering what happened to all those feathers that you gorgeous MoonWalkers left behind

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What our MoonWalkers have to say!

To everyone who took part, no event I attend comes close to matching the amazing atmosphere of this event, and this is very much down to the fantastic people who take part!

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Just one more sleep until The Moonwalk London

Only one more sleep until our 20th MoonWalk London!... get ready for our 'Roaring Twenties' extravaganza!... Wahooo!

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Mary's First MoonWalk London

You may be told that you don’t look like a Walker or look fit enough but do it and you’ll see there isn’t a “look”, you’ll see all ages, shapes and sizes...

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