Men Get Breast Cancer Too

We are continuing our ongoing campaign to raise awareness that Men Get Breast Cancer Too. Download our 'Check your Chest' poster now and share anywhere you think it will help make a difference.

Yes... Men Get Breast Cancer Too!

With more awareness lives could be saved... and if we can save even one life by doing this, it will make it worth while!

The facts...

  1. There is currently very little research, and no routine screening specifically for men, so most male breast cancers are found by self-checking their chest, or just noticing changes.
  2. Male breast cancer affects between 370 – 400 men a year, however over 80 men a year die from breast cancer due to not knowing men can get this type of cancer, and not doing regular checks.
  3. There is strong advice that maintaining a healthy weight, being physically active everyday and limiting the intake of alcohol, are all important steps  towards prevention against breast cancer and indeed any disease.
  4. Like women, men should make a date to chest check on the same date each month so that it is easier to notice changes.
  5. Warning signs to look for include a lump behind the nipple, reddening, skin dimpling an inverted nipple and any discharge.
  6. Remember that most lumps found in males are benign and 80% are not cancerous.
  7. BUT if you do feel or see any changes, see your doctor... even if only to put your mind at rest!

As with women, breast cancer usually affects older men in the 60 – 70 age bracket, but it can be found in men of any age. The diagnosis of breast cancer in men, as well as the treatment, is very similar to that for women.

Check your Chest!

Print a poster and display in your local gym, pub, or anywhere else you think it will help make a difference... help us spread the word!

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Find out more on common signs and how to check your chest here.

A grant from Walk the Walk helped fund Breast Cancer Now’s Male Breast Cancer Study, which has the largest collection of DNA and tumour samples from men with breast cancer in the world. Scientists are looking into both the genetic causes and treatments for male breast cancer. Read more information from Breast Cancer Now about breast cancer in men here.

We previously brought a group of men, who have all been treated for breast cancer, together... acting on the men’s feedback that breast cancer charities need to be a little less pink... we listened and made some changes. Read more here.

Walk the Walk is delighted to be working in partnership with American charity
The Male Breast Cancer Coalition. Together, we aim to reach millions more people across the world with our awareness message. 

Click on the MBCC logo for more information about breast cancer in men.

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