PRESS RELEASE: The 25th MoonWalk London – almost £2 million raised!

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The 25th MoonWalk London – almost £2 million raised!


Iconic fundraising event, The MoonWalk London celebrated its 25th anniversary on the streets of London on Saturday night (20 May).

After enjoying the festival atmosphere on Clapham Common, around six thousand women and men wearing brightly decorated bras set off on their 15.1 or 26.2 mile walking challenges.

The event is organised by breast cancer charity Walk the Walk and has already raised almost £2 million this year alone, and over £139 million in the last 25 years. Walk the Walk grants funds to help improve the lives of those with cancer.

Jeanette Watts designed a special 25th MoonWalk anniversary outfit, with 25 feet on her head and 25 sequins on her decorated bra. She said:
“I’ve had breast cancer twice myself, this is my 17th MoonWalk and I just keep on coming back! So many people I know have also been affected by breast cancer – including a good friend of mine and also my mother in law, who died from the disease. MoonWalk organisers breast cancer charity Walk the Walk do such incredible work to help people with cancer and I know that when I take part in The MoonWalk, I’m raising money for such an amazing cause. I also keep on coming back because I really enjoy walking a marathon through the streets of London at night – the hundreds of volunteers cheering us on is so inspiring”! 

Walk the Walk Ambassador and Eastenders Actress Harriet Thorpe said:
“I just love taking part in The MoonWalk London with the thousands of other women and men, walking together through the night. We were all there for each other, sharing laughs and raising money for this extraordinary charity. We sang and danced our way round the Half Moon route and had so much fun! I’m so honoured to be Walk the Walk’s ambassador – bring on the next 25 years, we’ll all be there on the starting line!” 
Nina Barough CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk, said:-
“I believe our MoonWalks are still very relevant and it was a delight for me to see so many people uniting together at the weekend, enjoying the energy and huge excitement of our iconic fundraising event. Over the last 25 years of MoonWalking, there have been so many advances in both the diagnosis and treatment of breast and other cancers, but a lot of work remains to be done. A huge focus for us now is to help people recognise their own potential for good health and wellbeing by walking and to do as much as we can to prevent breast cancer in the first place.” 
The MoonWalk London 2024 will be on Saturday 18th May. Entries are open now at 

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  • Image 1: Left – right, Eastenders actresses Shona McGarty and Harriet Thorpe at The MoonWalk London 2023.
  • Image 2: Jeanette Watts, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice, at The MoonWalk London 2023.
  • Image 3: Jeanette Watts, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice, at The MoonWalk London 2023.
  • Image 4: Left – right, Aimee Rutter and Verity Alldridge at The MoonWalk London 2023. Verity was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020.
  • Other images: The MoonWalk London 2023

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