INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY. New Summer Walking Guide - Tips for beach, hill and path walks

Health charity Walk the Walk launches new walking plan for the summer months


New Summer Walking Guide: Tips for beach, hill and path walks

The summer months are when many of us have time to get out, head for the open road, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors.

With this in mind, health charity Walk the Walk has created a new Summer Walking Guide which covers different types of walking. No matter where you find yourself this summer – in the mountains, on the beach or even staying at home - this is an ideal, easy fitness plan to fit around any holiday or staycation.

  • Sand/beach walking - more demanding and uses more energy that walking on a hard surface. A very intense workout in bare feet
  • Hill walking – good for the heart, lungs and overall circulation, as well as for flexibility and strength. Walking slowly up hills is as beneficial as fast walking on the flat
  • Path walking – in flat areas, great for walking at speed and developing good power walking technique

Download Walk the Walk’s Summer Walking Guide and tips here.

Available for interview

  • Nina Barough CBE
  • Nina is the Founder and Chief Executive of Walk the Walk, best known as organisers of iconic night-time fundraising event The MoonWalk London
  • Nina is a walking expert and author of Walking for Fitness, published by Dorling Kindersley

The MoonWalk London 2024

  • Midnight, Saturday 18th May 2024, starting from Clapham Common
  • Thousands of women and men wearing brightly decorated bras, raising money and awareness for breast cancer
  • Sign up now at for The MoonWalk London 2024 (LIVE or VIRTUAL)
  • Challenges: Full Moon (26.2 miles) or Half Moon (13.1 miles)

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