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After you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you will probably have lots of questions. Take a look at the information below on help and support on breast cancer treatment and how our grants have helped breast cancer research over the years.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Finding out you have been diagnosed with breast cancer can be scary… you will have so many questions. Your medical team will be on hand with all the information, help and support you need... but it’s human nature to want to investigate further, to make sure that what you’re being advised is the right thing for you.

We are not medical professionals and want to ensure you get the right breast cancer information for you. So, read on to where we have granted money and know they offer great advice and support.

Our friends at Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now have a wealth of information on the stages of breast cancer, breast cancer treatments, surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and much more… read further here.

With the support of our walkers, volunteers and supporters we have really helped make the many breakthroughs that have happened over the last 20 years!

Research into breast cancer is important for all our future health. During the past 21 years over £34 million has been granted to Breast Cancer Now for a range of very specific research studies. These have included The Generation Study, a 40 year study that is following the lives of over 100,000 people over a period of 40 years. Also the Tissue Bank, providing high quality tissue for research. 

See how our grants make a difference!

Tenovus is a Cardiff based charity that uses Mobile Cancer Support Units to take chemotherapy and lymphatic drainage to cancer patients living in the more rural areas of Wales.

Scalp Cooling, we wanted to remove the postcode lottery and give everyone an option to use these machines and have a chance of keeping their hair whilst undergoing chemotherapy. We are not quite there yet, but to date, we have granted in excess of £10 million to over 200 NHS Trusts.

 With more people surviving and living longer with cancer, integrated care now plays an important part in their journey through cancer and beyond. The emotional, physical and practical support that is offered in many of the centres around the UK has become an invaluable resource in helping people to live well with cancer.

Walk the Walk has always been very dedicated in its support of integrated care and sees it as an important part of recovery. Charities and organisations that we support include Penny Brohn UK, since 2000 we have granted in excess of £25 million to this organisation, to not only help fund a free service in its National Centre in Bristol, but to also support them in taking their services across the UK.

At the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Walk the Walk contributed £5 million to fund a new breast cancer ward, a new operating theatre, and the renovation of the Mammography Unit. Together this has transformed not only the patient experience from breast checks through to treatment but also the working conditions for staff! 

See more about where the money goes here.

How you can make a difference!

Whether it's Walking, Volunteering or donating... there's so many ways you can support Walk the Walk.

We have Walking challenges ranging from 5k to 100 miles, so there's something for everyone.

We couldn't do what we do without the help of our fabulous Volunteers at our MoonWalks... but did you know you can also come and volunteer at WTW HQ?

You can make a donation to Walk the Walk, you can either give a one off donation or sign up to give a monthly donation.

Why not leave a gift in your will, this is a great way to help future generations with a true gift of life. 

So many ways to help make a difference and raise money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes.

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