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Sending in your paper donations

Answers to your questions about sending in cheques to Walk the Walk

Sending in cash


  • Please pay the money into your account, and send us a cheque, or alternatively obtain a postal order from the post office (remember to keep the receipt).
  • Or please pay the money into your account and make a "donation" to your online fundraising page. Make sure that you don't tick the Gift Aid section and that you send your paper sponsor form to us. Please include a short note explaining what you have done.

Note that all types of insurance that Royal Mail offer specifically exclude cash

Cheques and Charity Vouchers – Who do I make them payable to?

  • Please make cheques and charity vouchers payable to: WALK THE WALK WORLDWIDE.
  • Please put your name, address and walker number (if you know it) on the back of each of them.
  • Please check all the cheques and charity vouchers before you send them.
  • Acceptable Payees are: Walk the Walk Worldwide, Walk the Walk and MoonWalk.
  • The amount in words and the amount in figures must be the same.
  • They must be signed. (CAF vouchers for £100 or less, or CAF vouchers which are anonymous, do not need to be signed)
  • They are valid for 6 months. (Please allow time for us to process and bank them)

When do I send in my sponsor money?

You can send in sponsor money before and after the event, in more than one lot if you wish or if it’s more convenient for you, but please don’t bring it with you to the event itself! There is no specific time limit but we would prefer if it was within a couple of months after the challenge you have taken part in.... but obviously we will accept it all year round!

Where do I send my sponsor money?

Please make sure to put the correct postage on the envelope. A regular 1st or 2nd class stamp is not enough postage for any envelope weighing more than 100g, OR that is larger than A5 in size, OR that is thicker than 5mm (half a centimetre). If not enough postage is paid, Royal Mail charge us a fee as well as the excess postage cost, and the envelope is delayed. As a guide, you can put about 8 sponsor forms and 27 cheques in the A5 envelope we supplied you with and stay under 100g – remember to check the thickness as well though! If your envelope does not meet ALL of the criteria above, please take it to the counter at a post office.

Please send your sponsor money to:

[Your Event, including the Year]
Walk the Walk
6 Genesis Business Park
Albert Drive
GU21 5RW  

Any further questions

Please get in touch with us here

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Thank you for your support