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New Maggie's Centre now open

I am so very proud of all of you that have Walked the Walk at The MoonWalk Scotland, putting one foot in front of the other and working hard to raise the £3 million granted to Maggie’s to build this caring oasis for those on their journey through cancer…

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New Maggie’s Centre opens, thanks to MoonWalkers!

It’s a fabulous day for Walk the Walk, our MoonWalkers and everyone who has contributed. To see their efforts manifested into something tangible is breath-taking.

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Maria is ‘Over The Moon’ at The MoonWalk Scotland

Being part of Walk the Walk is like being part of a big family, everyone is always there to offer support and encouragement.

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The Boob City Strollers 'Shang-a-Lang’ at The MoonWalk Scotland!

We were so lucky and thrilled to meet original Roller/founding member Alan Longmuir at MoonWalk City for a photo shoot the day of the walk.

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It’s getting emotional down here on the Finish Line at Holyrood Park

Many have reached the Finish Line and the last few hundred are still going...such determination!

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Going ‘Over the Moon’ – MoonWalk Scotland!

Walking against the flow of other walkers heading for the park was really emotional. Just about every one gave us a clap, a ‘good luck’, a raised hat; such encouragement.

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Zoe is Over The Moon at The MoonWalk Edinburgh 2013

Then in January 2013 when I read about Walk the Walks the first ever Over the Moon challenge, a double marathon to be completed in 14 hours in my home town of Edinburgh, that was it. I didn’t think twice about registering. I was doing it!

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Shona goes Over The Moon at The MoonWalk Edinburgh

The Moonwalk gets under your skin. The Moonwalk is addictive. The Moonwalk will change your life. Over the Moon will mess with your head and take you one step beyond…

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