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The MoonWalk London 2013

Money raised so far

Total raised 2014: pound 6 comma 7 9 9 comma 5 2 1

Total raised 2013: pound 7 comma 5 6 7 comma 3 7 8

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Walk the Walk America

Walk the Walk America

Find out all about our sister charity in the USA! Raising money and awareness across the ocean!

More...: Walk the Walk America

Sending in fundraising?

Sending in fundraising?

Do you have cheques, cash or vouchers and are wondering how to send them in? Then read these important tips...

More...: Sending in fundraising?

Online fundraising

Online fundraising

Make the world your fundraising oyster and follow these quick and easy steps to fundraising online!

More...: Online fundraising

Join us The SunWalk

London 2 Brighton

London 2 Brighton

Your challenge...100K in 24 hours!! Take on the Surrey Hills and Sussex Downs!! Register your interest for 2015 NOW!!

More...: London 2 Brighton

The Arctic Marathon

Date: 26 February 2015, Location Northern Lapland

Register Interest for 2016... A challenge like no other! The goal will be to back country ski a full marathon over 2 days on trails that will be created by the Abisko rangers specifically for this challenge and, by any standards, this distance, in this time, is quite a challenge... not to mention the variable weather! Learn more about: The Arctic Marathon

Register you interest FAQ

The MoonWalk New York

Date: Date TBC, Location New York City | USA

Huge congratulations to all Walkers and Volunteers who took part in this year's challenge! Register your interest for next year! Learn more about: The MoonWalk New York

Register you interest FAQ

The MoonWalk London

Date: Date TBC, Location London

Register your interest for our fantastic 2015 challenge - dates are coming soon! Learn more about: The MoonWalk London

Register you interest FAQ

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